In pursuit of lingering contentment

We are blessed with a beautiful day on the island.  Some days I find myself needing to let my day come to me and today was one of those days.  I am a great believer in letting things occur with their own natural rhythm especially as I am prone to interfering with that rhythm.  From … Continue reading In pursuit of lingering contentment

Intuitive Journaling & Free E-workshop

There is a path up to the forest that borders our smallholding and as I settle to write a large group of walkers march past determined to tackle the hill that they probably know is ahead of them.  With the heavy showers we have had this week the path will turn to heavy mud soon … Continue reading Intuitive Journaling & Free E-workshop

Life Laundry

Taking a break from writing my book to stick my head and see what is going on in the world. Earth Hour was the best yet and I think we should all be grateful to the WWF for all their efforts.  These type of events are important especially as world leaders can get quite wrapped … Continue reading Life Laundry