Early autumn thinking

As August appears to be beckoning autumn on the island it is a natural time to take stock.  It has been the busiest summer I have had for some years and I need to reflect on that.   That said, there are lots of positive things going on so it is very important not to grumble.  … Continue reading Early autumn thinking


And the trees spoke…

Sometimes the most obvious is right in front of me and it never ceases too amaze me how I miss it.  Our smallholding might be 10 acres but a lot of it is woodland.  We harvest the wood for fuel but that is about as far as that resource has gone.  With a focus on … Continue reading And the trees spoke…

An alternative economy of smallholding

It is a very wet afternoon so we have been driven inside to get on with jobs that will save us from a soaking.  I have been sewing more products for my Mother's Day collection.  Sewing always give me a chance to think and today I found myself dwelling on the economics of smallholding.  Smallholding … Continue reading An alternative economy of smallholding