A brush with art.

It has been more than a little while since I wrote on my blog and I am not absolutely sure why.  Time has a habit of trundling on and every so often something captivates my imagination and I lose all sense of duration.  I apologize to all the loyal readers who are used to regular … Continue reading A brush with art.

Sharing not preaching

I have been struggling to find any time to blog the last few weeks due to the development of the new community shop on the island.  Now that it is up and running I can take a step back and catch up on the rest of my life.  Life, for me, is all about balance.  … Continue reading Sharing not preaching

The ethics of a community

Life has a distinct habit of taking over sometimes and the past few weeks have been an excellent example of that.  Our island now has a brand new and very shiny community shop 'Waste Not Want Not' as part of its ambitions towards zero waste.  It has rather hijacked my life but in the best … Continue reading The ethics of a community