The jewel in the crown

I have rather taken to wandering of late.  My time has been reconstructed as I am currently working with a cooperative of writers with the core group being American.  The outcome of that is that I wake to a rather full inbox which I deal with early and thus I have stretched time a wee … Continue reading The jewel in the crown


Was it the breeze through the trees?

Spring is spluttering into the island with odd bursts of sunshine shining its light on the flowering spring  plants.  I say spluttering because it is broken up with grey coldness that can descend onto the island very quickly.  After some very long days on the smallholding I have remained indoors today to catch up on … Continue reading Was it the breeze through the trees?

And the trees spoke…

Sometimes the most obvious is right in front of me and it never ceases too amaze me how I miss it.  Our smallholding might be 10 acres but a lot of it is woodland.  We harvest the wood for fuel but that is about as far as that resource has gone.  With a focus on … Continue reading And the trees spoke…