Falling into Autumn

Goodness me!  I have just spent the last hour updating my schedule and I got to the end of January 2015 without taking breath.  As a freelancer I should be careful not to moan about having a full schedule but I also fear that it is so full that there is little room for manoeuvre … Continue reading Falling into Autumn


By going dark, the world can shine

Would you spend an hour in darkness in support of our planet?  Millions of people around the world will be doing just that as part of Earth Hour 2014 -  the global event happening this Saturday, 29th March at 8.30 pm. So far, there are hundreds of schools, politicians, historic buildings and local councils getting … Continue reading By going dark, the world can shine

An island begins to sing

I have always been fascinated with islands and people that choose to live there.  The UK is made up of a series of islands but my fascination always lay in the small ones.  Now I live on a Scottish island my fascination has deepened still further as I learn about the communities that make island … Continue reading An island begins to sing