A Positive Place

Somehow I seem to have stumbled upon one of those places in life where positivity is flowing in abundance.  I am a very positive person but the world can be a very challenging place so positive places are  hard to come by.  A positive place is not just defined by positive energy it is also … Continue reading A Positive Place


The importance of being responsive

This is just a really quick post in response to events that have happened in the last 24 hours.  Firstly, thank you so much for the encouraging feedback on my post about 'moving on in life.'  I am glad that it was useful to so many people.  A little window of time and reflection opened … Continue reading The importance of being responsive

By going dark, the world can shine

Would you spend an hour in darkness in support of our planet?  Millions of people around the world will be doing just that as part of Earth Hour 2014 -  the global event happening this Saturday, 29th March at 8.30 pm. So far, there are hundreds of schools, politicians, historic buildings and local councils getting … Continue reading By going dark, the world can shine