The final list – ’50 fabulous things to do @ 50.’

With a lot of editing, mainly because of moments of changing mind, my list is finally finished.  I have devised a list of 50 fabulous things to do @ 50 as a tribute to being 50.  It should stop me pondering on just how old I am! The list outlines a whole heap of things … Continue reading The final list – ’50 fabulous things to do @ 50.’


50 fabulous things at 50….xx

Waking up to being 50 was a bit of an experience but I am quite determined to embrace it.   Fabulous and fifty will be my guiding motto as I blast my way through the coming year.  My aim is to do 50 things I haven't done before and my list is underway.  There are all sorts … Continue reading 50 fabulous things at 50….xx