A world without stuff

Continuing my mission to declutter my life and live more simply I am sat at a table top sale getting rid of more stuff.  I am surrounded by a village hall full of people doing the same thing.  I have already given bags and bags of stuff to charity and sold some pieces online and … Continue reading A world without stuff


How I reinvented myself

Those that know me well will, no doubt, argue that I have done this many times but I just want to focus on the biggest reinvention when I left a very well paid job as an academic in a university and moved to a Scottish island. I remember when news of my resignation start creeping … Continue reading How I reinvented myself

New look for Scottish island mum

My month of incubation is almost over and I am thrilled with the way it has gone.  I have managed to stay very focused and reflective both at the same time.  I have no idea how I managed my life before I discovered meditation and, from there, developed my incubation strategy.  This allows me to … Continue reading New look for Scottish island mum