Project Poppy Salutes…

It has been an honour and a privilege from start to finish.  When Scottish island mum first muted the idea of creating memorial pieces to mark 100 years since the beginning of World War 1 she couldn't have known.... She couldn't have known how dedicated and committed people would be to the project and this … Continue reading Project Poppy Salutes…


Falling into Autumn

Goodness me!  I have just spent the last hour updating my schedule and I got to the end of January 2015 without taking breath.  As a freelancer I should be careful not to moan about having a full schedule but I also fear that it is so full that there is little room for manoeuvre … Continue reading Falling into Autumn

Standing together to say thank you.

Scottish island mum very much wants to take her place beside the millions of people who will be saying thank you today.  100 years ago today we entered a war that should have ended all wars but history revealed that was not to be the case.  Four long years of fighting finally delivered the victory … Continue reading Standing together to say thank you.