Gently expanding wings

It has been a very busy time at Scottish island mum.  The summer season is well and truly underway on the island and the endless days of sunshine are making it sparkle.  I never grow tired of my route to the village along the shore but it is rare that I see people venturing into … Continue reading Gently expanding wings


In pursuit of lingering contentment

We are blessed with a beautiful day on the island.  Some days I find myself needing to let my day come to me and today was one of those days.  I am a great believer in letting things occur with their own natural rhythm especially as I am prone to interfering with that rhythm.  From … Continue reading In pursuit of lingering contentment

How to move on in life

Last week was one of those weeks when you are left dangling over the edge of life wondering what will be.  A natural collision of events and happenings tested my soul and reminded me of the importance of living in the moment. We won’t dwell on my car crash of a health review except to … Continue reading How to move on in life