The jewel in the crown

I have rather taken to wandering of late.  My time has been reconstructed as I am currently working with a cooperative of writers with the core group being American.  The outcome of that is that I wake to a rather full inbox which I deal with early and thus I have stretched time a wee … Continue reading The jewel in the crown


New look for Scottish island mum

My month of incubation is almost over and I am thrilled with the way it has gone.  I have managed to stay very focused and reflective both at the same time.  I have no idea how I managed my life before I discovered meditation and, from there, developed my incubation strategy.  This allows me to … Continue reading New look for Scottish island mum

Seeping into the new year

I like to seep my way into any new year because it is time to slow everything down a little and take some time out to think.  Thinking is one of my favourite occupations but as the year gathers pace I have less and less time to think.  Projects inevitably grow wings and then I … Continue reading Seeping into the new year