Shoots of new growth

It has been a challenging start to the year on the island as the weather has demanded a great deal of attention.  However Scottish island mum is pleased to be back with her brand new site and new pages.  As we enter our 4th year it does seem incredible that there is still a place … Continue reading Shoots of new growth


Island creativity

Firstly, I would really like to say a huge thank you for all the lovely messages about the new look Scottish island mum.  I am pleased that you seem to like it and that we continue to grow together as a wee community.  My interactions with my readers are fundamentally precious to me and your … Continue reading Island creativity

Wildlife watching……us.

I have known this island since I was a small child but I will never take it for granted.  Today we took a trip to the north of the island knowing that this is a great time of year to spot wildlife.  The relationship between humans and wildlife on Arran is really interesting.  The island … Continue reading Wildlife watching……us.