How to move on in life

Last week was one of those weeks when you are left dangling over the edge of life wondering what will be.  A natural collision of events and happenings tested my soul and reminded me of the importance of living in the moment. We won’t dwell on my car crash of a health review except to … Continue reading How to move on in life


Intuitive Journaling & Free E-workshop

There is a path up to the forest that borders our smallholding and as I settle to write a large group of walkers march past determined to tackle the hill that they probably know is ahead of them.  With the heavy showers we have had this week the path will turn to heavy mud soon … Continue reading Intuitive Journaling & Free E-workshop

A Mindful Exercise – Life Laundry

Following my post earlier in the week on life laundry I have taken this on as a small spring cleaning project with revealing results.  When I am working through something meditation is always my starting point supported by intuitive journaling.  The combination of these two activities nearly always offer me the most natural solutions. I … Continue reading A Mindful Exercise – Life Laundry