Home education beyond 16

We began home educating our four children over ten years ago and this is where the story rests at this point.... We are still home educating ten years down the line but patterns have changed and our eldest has just finished university. We have four children and the next in line, Harry, is working part … Continue reading Home education beyond 16


An island begins to sing

I have always been fascinated with islands and people that choose to live there.  The UK is made up of a series of islands but my fascination always lay in the small ones.  Now I live on a Scottish island my fascination has deepened still further as I learn about the communities that make island … Continue reading An island begins to sing

Capturing curisoity in our children.

We are in that lovely time after a storm when all has fallen quiet on the island.  Although the sun has not managed to break through I have had a sneak at the forecast and the coming week promises much.  Spring is such a busy time for us on the smallholding but a spell of … Continue reading Capturing curisoity in our children.