Hygge Lives

I am enjoying my latest writing assignment as part of a UK team looking at the Danish concept of hygge.  It is a challenge to try see the world through the eyes of a different culture.  There are some strong parallels between life on a Scottish island and the reach for a hygge moment in … Continue reading Hygge Lives


Was it the breeze through the trees?

Spring is spluttering into the island with odd bursts of sunshine shining its light on the flowering spring  plants.  I say spluttering because it is broken up with grey coldness that can descend onto the island very quickly.  After some very long days on the smallholding I have remained indoors today to catch up on … Continue reading Was it the breeze through the trees?

An alternative economy of smallholding

It is a very wet afternoon so we have been driven inside to get on with jobs that will save us from a soaking.  I have been sewing more products for my Mother's Day collection.  Sewing always give me a chance to think and today I found myself dwelling on the economics of smallholding.  Smallholding … Continue reading An alternative economy of smallholding