Dare to be great

Some time ago I gave up being surprised by Scottish island mum.  I now see it as a series of crossing on a journey with no end and that, to me, is the best of the best.  It allows me to take my foot off the gas and consider these crossings as they appear before … Continue reading Dare to be great

Young writer opportunity.

It is fair to say that today has been a busy one but not untypical.  Home school always takes the mornings and this one stretched into the early afternoon as Harry and I grappled with hormones, the pancreas and nutrition.  There were a couple of times when we looked blankly at each other before hitting … Continue reading Young writer opportunity.

Harmony in view

As interest in the new Scottish island mum site continues to grow I would just like to welcome new followers.  I hadn't anticipated that there would be so many new followers so early into the project but WordPress do offer us a fabulous networking opportunity and I am so grateful for all the kind feedback … Continue reading Harmony in view