First ebook published

This has been a long time coming and lockdown gave me a wee nudge.  Intuitive Journaling is a course I have run for many years but I have always thought it would make a good ebook so that people could follow it at their own pace.  Intuitive journaling seeks to create a bridge between the … Continue reading First ebook published


Falling into Autumn

Goodness me!  I have just spent the last hour updating my schedule and I got to the end of January 2015 without taking breath.  As a freelancer I should be careful not to moan about having a full schedule but I also fear that it is so full that there is little room for manoeuvre … Continue reading Falling into Autumn

Early autumn thinking

As August appears to be beckoning autumn on the island it is a natural time to take stock.  It has been the busiest summer I have had for some years and I need to reflect on that.   That said, there are lots of positive things going on so it is very important not to grumble.  … Continue reading Early autumn thinking