Once upon a time…

beach 12th march 012Scottish island mum is a storyteller.  She tells tales from her life on a Scottish island but she also tells tales that find their way into our soul.  She has been enveloped in meditation for some years and this has taught her the necessary skills to access her own subconscious mind.   There is often an element of reality in even her most imagined tales.

Stories speak to us in ways that other dialogues fail.  They share their inner secrets and find a way into our hearts and minds.  The best stories fill our imaginations and allow us too see through someone else’s eyes.  A visit to the Isle of Eigg in the summer of 2013 etched a story in the heart of Scottish island mum that has changed her view of the world.  Walking with the land is reposted in her fiction pages where it will stay along with its postscript.  A connection that spanned space and time has revealed more than Scottish island mum could ever believe possible.  Haunting her now is the beginnings of the full story that tells us of a life well lived and loved but in a time long forgotten.  This fictional memoir account will haunt Scottish island mum until it begins to unfold on the screen as she hides herself away in her studio surrounded by a woodland glade.  It is the very best place to write.

Scottish island mum has other, more factually based, memoirs to explore as she enters the year in which she will turn 50.  Tipping into this year has released an almost constant wave of memories that have helped to create the Scottish island mum that we all know today.  She begins this journey of memoirs with a tale that speaks of a remarkable woman in an unremarkable life – her maternal grandmother.  Sometimes it is in the interrogation of memories that we see influence and inspiration and this story of Ella does just that.

Some stories have to be  told and her commitment to storytelling encourages others to tell their own stories on a site that Scottish island mum is editor on.  One soul many hearts has its own story that grew its roots from Scottish island mum during 2013.   If you have a story to tell contact Scottish island mum and you may see it reaching out and speaking its own truths.

There is a story in there somewhere....
There is a story in there somewhere….

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