Free Meditations

I have been meditating for many years and in recent times it has truly saved me.  I have extended and deepened my practice so that I can support others.  I do this through my other website Meditation & Intuitive Journaling but I also like to share my experience here in case it is of any use to people.

I use youtube as a resource for visual and sound connections and you are welcome to use them if they are any use to you.  Sometimes it is very healing to just take a few minutes out of your busy day.  Click on any of them listed below and it will take you straight to the video.


And what makes the clouds look like that?



Looking at or looking along

Finding Stillness

Spring Equinox

Fleeting thoughts meditation

Autumn with Scottish island mum

Walking with the land – the Isle of Eigg

I can also offer a free e-book for anyone wanting to give meditation a try for the first time.  If you click HERE you will link through to the book via my ISSUU publications.

creative arran whiting bay 036


Visualization as Meditation

Get into a comfortable position and let your body relax into the space.  Using your normal breath rhythm to relax your body and ground it into the floor or the seat.  Say to yourself ‘I relax easily and completely’.  Repeat twice more.  Close your eyes.  Focus on your breathing for a minute or two trying to breathe slowly, evenly and a little more deeply than you would normally do.  This, will still your mind.

Visualize the planet, a huge sphere slowing rotating through space.  Think of yourself as born of that planet with your body coming from the same matter and elements.  Visualize the atmosphere above you; a bubble that surrounds and protects you.  You are in your own bubble.  Meditate on how secure and protected you feel inside your bubble.  Consider how Mother Earth nourishes you and feel loved by her.  Stay in the stillness and just breathe naturally.

Prepare to come out of your meditation.




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