Mindful Meditation

Glen Sannox
Glen Sannox

Scottish island mum has studied mindful meditation for many years.  In recent years she has both extended and deepened her practice as a way of dealing with a chronic pain condition.  The results have been staggering.  Training the mind is not something many of us think about but it is proving to be an excellent way to deal with illness (both physical and emotional) and life problems.  Stress is perhaps our biggest silent killer and Scottish island mum is committed to living as stress free life as possible.  She is always using her mindful meditation practice to help others.  If you suffer from stress you might like to take a look at her Stress Busting Manifesto – this was produced in 2013 as a way of reminding us about the dangers of stress before suggesting ways to combat it.   Mindful meditation also has the capacity to extend and deepen our understanding of ourselves as well as appreciating our place in the world.

Scottish island mum has a holistic approach to mindful meditation that draws on nutrition and exercise to inform her practice.  Although her practice does not have a specific religious underpinning it does draw on her experience as a Buddhist.

A little window to our soul. xx
A little window to our soul. xx

Scottish island mum would like to affirm that her practice in mindful meditation has led to greater happiness and much improved health. 






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