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We have been home educating our children for over 10 years.  Initially our children attended local schools in Hampshire (our previous home) and on the island.  The decision to home educate had been brewing for some time before we decided to give it a try.  Following discussions with our school aged children our two eldest boys, Harry and George, wanted to try being taught at home.  Our eldest child, Molly, was at the local high school and initially she decided to stay there.  She changed her mind a few years later and joined Harry and George and our youngest, Max, in home school.

mixed 101Pete and I are both qualified and experienced teachers who had rather fallen out of love with the education system in the UK.  An over emphasis on testing was rapidly killing the desire to learn and we felt that we could offer our children a better alternative.  It is important to say that home education is not right for every child and it is not a decision to be taken lightly as it requires an enormous amount of time and effort.  That said, I do not believe that you need to be a qualified teacher to be able to teach your own children.

As Scottish island mum moves into 2016 she has one child in studying for her masters degree in species recovery another on an apprenticeship with a master plasterer on the island, the third studying highers in readiness for university and the final child still in full time home education.  These pages will take you through some of the important aspects of home school but they are not just intended for parents who would like to or are already teaching their own children.  Learning does not stop at the school gate and the intention is for Scottish island mum to share learning techniques and activities that all parents can access as required as they support their children’s learning.

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