2016 – a year of consolidation into e-books

Photographed by David Newell


I have always been keen to convert the essences from my e-courses into e-books for those people who don’t have time to complete a course.  During 2015 this will be the focus of this work.  In 2014 I converted the Stress Busting Manifesto into a FREE e-book.  It can be read and downloaded HERE.  This manifesto was one of the important outcomes from the Scottish island mum project in 2013.  I do hope it is of some use.

Also in 2014 I published a  FREE e-book introducing meditation to those of you who would like to try it in your own space and at your own time.  Contains four meditations.  I hope it is useful too.   Access it HERE. 





Beyond those free e-books I am currently working on a much longer book entitled Education Untethered.  The focus of this book is an alternative view of education which engages the child in active learning.  It is not just for those parents who would like to home school as I hope it will be useful for all parents.


I am also being mentored through a more traditional route to publication drawing on my unique work in Incubation that draws on meditation, intuitive journaling and soul walking.  I would hope for publication sometime in 2016.

During 2016 there will be a number of short e-books published and details will be listed here as they become available.


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