The island begins to shine

September is my favourite month on the island.  Families have all returned home and the island settles down a wee bit and, more often than not, the sun shines.  I get to walk on the beach alone and park right outside the bank when I need to.  The midges begin to decline and the autumn … Continue reading The island begins to shine


Arran Open Studios – A Review

The short version is a wee jump in the air shouting 'I did it' followed by a little jig round the room.  The longer version is below....xx My goodness I had absolutely no idea how this event would go.  I had heard mixed stories from artists who had been part of Arran Open Studios before so … Continue reading Arran Open Studios – A Review

Embroidered bowls find their place.

I am simply overwhelmed by both the support and the feedback as day one of my open studio closes.  I thought I might get the odd visitor but since opening I have been flat out with people and I am all talked out.  If I had one dream it would be that my wee machine … Continue reading Embroidered bowls find their place.