Scottish island mum 2014


2014 was a truly life affirming year for Scottish island mum.  There are so many highlights but perhaps the most important was the privilege of working with so many interesting people who took e-courses from the growing portfolio on offer.  The very first course was offered in 2013 and focused on the relationship between meditation and writing.  This was repeated as a six month course in 2014 where it sold out!  Bookings are already coming in for 2015.  New courses came online and so did new students and as we established a truly unique learning experience changes began to occur.  Attitudes, beliefs and practices were all analysed and positive changes made for all of us and I am not sure we could ask for anything more.

The most popular e-course in 2014 was the Alternative Christmas one that ran between October and December.  It presented a different approach to preparations for the festive period and we all unanimously agreed that Christmas 2014 was a much more lived and real experience.  We have advanced bookings for 2015 for this course – that is forward planning.

Towards the end of the year Scottish island mum could see the need to restructure some of the courses and re-programme and now the full schedule is available via ISSUU HERE.  You will see a clear relationship between the courses, seasonality and ancient celebrations and that is quite deliberate.  There is much to look forward to in 2015 and if you would like to join us on any of the courses just complete the form below and Scottish island mum will be in touch asap with more details.  You can go straight to booking via her Eventbrite Page HERE.


Representing Scottish bloggers at the Finding Scotland’s Real Heroes awards in September was a real honour and you can read all about it HERE.  The wee voice of Scottish island mum continues to grow…..

On the smallholding the spectacular willow crop was the highlight to the year and led to bumper sales of wreaths and other decorations at Christmas markets.


Molly graduating in 2014 was a life time highlight and we could not have been more proud.  You can read about the event HERE.

grad photo

Winding up 2014 and peeking in to 2015 has got one Scottish island mum very excited…..xx

scottish island mum
























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