Summer Creativity

It might be pouring with rain on our wee island but I am busy writing my summer E-book. I have been so touched by how well all my seasonal books have been received and this one completes the set. Living within the seasons is something I am passionate about although the effects of climate change are making that much harder to do. Rarely do two days in a row feel like they belong in the same season. Nevertheless, I am still determined that we should live within the seasons and celebrate their differences. Maybe if we did that more we would value the differences more?

I have had a lovely few days with Molly on a bit of a flying visit to check in with family before heading back to her Hippy Highland Living. We managed some walks, lots of chats and some wee projects together. With all three boys on the island at the moment I seem to miss her more but she has a wonderful life with her lovely partner so I am content.

She helped me recover from the Stitched Stories virtual stitching festival that I have been working on since January and sapped me of all energy. It was worth it though as we were raising money for the Butterfly Tree charity and we have raised over £1500 which will a long way in Zambia.

My summer is going to be much quieter and spent outside as much as possible. I am bunching my teaching over the weekends giving me the weeks to be free to be in my garden as much as possible. Being outside, for me, is the same as breathing in and out. I consider it essential for my mental and physical wellbeing. I have lots of garden projects underway and planned as we introduce new plants and establish a dye garden and extend my potted tea garden. We had a winter of tree pruning as well as some fallen trees to despatch so there is much to do there to build up the wood store. My love of natural dyeing and ink making is back underway after the winter months and my early inks are very promising. As much as possible I hope to stitch in the garden effectively moving my studio outside for the summer.

All of that seems quite far away as the rain lashes the windows and the studio fire is lit at the end of May! I hope you might join me in some summer projects. I will be blogging my way through them here so pop by any time.

Fiona xx


One thought on “Summer Creativity

  1. Hoping to join you in stitching every day. Todaythe machine is out for some stitched cards. 💕

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