Wee fragment steps forward

Another week passes and the family is beginning to get back to work. Max is back already and Pete is back part time. George is here finishing off his dissertation and then has decided to stay for the summer before, hopefully moving to Edinburgh. So there is more quietness in my days which I am enjoying. It is quite a busy time for me as I am coordinating a virtual stitching festival in May in my community stitching project, Stitched Stories. Despite the busyness I am finding quiet moments to create in the studio, read a book or sow some seeds. I am letting days find me a wee bit in the knowledge that everything has its place and time. I refuse to rush now, finally mindful of how damaging that has been in the past. My mind fills up and there is no space to breathe. I have fallen down the rabbit hole over and over again, but no more.

I am gently working up the new family project, fragments of Arran, with the help of family members. It is a super wee project and we are enjoying it. All the beach finds are now sorted and classified thanks so help from George so we now know what we have.

We also have some ideas of what products we would like to make in addition to selling special pieces just as we found them. This week I made brooches and a couple of pendants from some rather lovely pottery fragments. We all chatter away sharing ideas and the new shop will open when we are ready, there is no timescale for that which I consider a blessing.

It is so special to be gently working on this project with the family. Have a lovely week folks.

Fiona xx


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