Time passing

My grandmother always used to tell me that time passes and I was never really sure what she meant by that. As I have got older it has been much clearer. She would have been in her 70s when she first told me that. She died when she was 88. As we age we are more aware of time passing so, for me, how I spend that time is more important. When you are young you think you have all the time in the world. In my 6th decade of life I am finding new reasons to do what I do and also letting go of some things I don’t want to do anymore. Handy that we are in spring because it feels like a deep clean…

I am so incredibly pleased that we home educated our children. If I am honest it was a bit of an experiment that we weren’t sure would work. We started on a trail basis but just never looked back. A huge part of each and every day was spent outside, learning and that has stayed with us all. This was a purple week for our family as we decided to come together to work on a shared project. We have collected beach fragments forever and we have also pressed more flowers than we have room to store. In recent years I have also made paper and botanical inks. So, it was decided that we had the makings of a small family business and even gave it a name – Fragments of Arran.

We are so pleased with this idea and there is much family chatter. We are mindful that we don’t normally spend that much time together as a whole family. In 2019 we booked a cottage on the Isle of Sky and had the most wonderful week together. So our wee family business will, we hope, provide some funds for us as a family. The first job is the sorting and classifying of just what we have and there are decisions to made about just how to sell our wares. But we are not in a mad rush. We will let this new venture take hold as it needs to. Now this is a good way to spend our time.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on Fragments from Arran. x


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