Highland Messages

Being in the highlands is a blessing that I would wish on everyone.  It is not just the complete beauty, it is the silent messages that this part of the world longs to share with us.  It is about space.  Space to roam, space to listen, space to breathe.  It is a rare thing in a modern, complex world and so worth respecting and preserving.  You see tensions everywhere though from car parks carved out of beautiful moss laden habitats to mountain bikers churning up the delicate plants that nestle low in the ground.  I get away from those environments as quickly as possible so that I can escape human disturbance.  I am disturbed by human disturbance but my souls is filled with the majesty of the highland environments that are so trusting of the earth.  In the foothills of Ben Nevis you are acutely aware of its majesty and the journey ice once took.  As it carved it’s route it left behind a gift to the planet that embraces multiple habitats all with their own sacred orders.  Deep in the forest, surrounded by a canopy of trees and a carpet of moss, I stumbled across one of the most beautiful local habitats I have ever seen.  The fungi draw the eye initially but on closer inspection you see different mosses and lichen that tell you that you are inhabiting clean air and taking a long deep breath becomes the order of the moment.  Breathe in the earthy smells and bear witness to a tiny habitat in a huge forest that just exists.  It doesn’t ask anything of anyone except to be left alone to be at one with the habitats that immediately surround it.  The fallen dress dripping with hanging moss and water droplets.  The scattered leaves and the fallen pinecones and the tiny insects that call this home.  So I have shared this tiny sustained habitat so that we might all be blessed by a glance towards a truly special corner of a majestic forest in a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world.  


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