First ebook published

This has been a long time coming and lockdown gave me a wee nudge.  Intuitive Journaling is a course I have run for many years but I have always thought it would make a good ebook so that people could follow it at their own pace.  Intuitive journaling seeks to create a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious mind.  Much of what we work out is done in our unconscious mind but it often doesn’t make it into the conscious mind.  Life is complex and many people find they are juggling too many things and find it difficult to know what to focus on.  Some people suffer anxiety which can be a difficult condition to treat.  Intuitive journaling aims to connect you to the natural world where you can take the lead from seasonal changes and natural rhythms.  This deep connection speaks to your creativity and you will find renewed focus and clarity.
The ebook also includes a number of meditations designed to soothe the soul and calm the mind.  The book is available in my Etsy Store as a download but you are also able to print it if you would prefer to access it free from screens.
This is the first of a series of ebooks I intend to publish as I translate my face-to-face courses to the virtual world.  Next up is the first in a series on seasonal creativity – autumn.  Living seasonally is so important to our state of mind so these books are design as wee courses where you can follow all sorts of creative and seasonal trails.  I will be publishing this one in September.  It is good to be back writing again and I am grateful for everyone’s support.  🙏❤️


Scottish island mum welcomes comments

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