Accidental Charm

Goodness me how things can change.  The beauty about all my changes is that very few were planned.  I have planned all my life and now I don’t really!  I watch, listen, meditate and then just let things happen.  I am also wondering why chemistry passed me by at school as experimenting seems to be a big part of the new normal.  What is normal now is me to take over the entire kitchen with plants bubbling away, steamers on, paper pulp being mixed and grumpy young men who can’t get in to get food!  Excellent!
My latest venture into paper making has been a complete joy.  I am currently working up a detailed recipe books of paper pulp, who knew?  I have been committed to treading lightly on this planet for many years now but the joy of recycling your own paper to make new paper knows no boundaries.  I also get to use some of my dried natural materials making the experience even more exciting.  I now have a mini greenhouse in my studio that acts as an excellent drying rack.  Each and every day something is drying on there.
More exciting than all of that is the creation of my very first Earth Box for the 52 Stitched Stories project which will be available on my Etsy store in the next couple of weeks.  I think this has been moving about in the back of my mind for many years – the desire to make a box full of materials made from or sympathetic to the Earth.  Retiring as a commercial artist was such a good decision as it has freed up so much time.  I have also pulled out of all my community work with the exception of 52 Stitched Stories.  Goodness knows what is next.  🤔😉🙏


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