Clearing the way

It has been a great couple of days as I navigate a new future.  Having retired as a commercial artist last year the world took a spin with the current situation and also my community project 52 Stitched Stories becoming very busy.  In the midst of all of this I revisited my botanical work that I last did back in my flower farm days.  It has been a complete joy dyeing and printing with plants and I have stumbled back into a working environment that I love so much.  So I have decided that semi retirement is the most natural state for me and the best of both worlds.  I want to develop my work in botanical dyeing and printing and also get my paper making process up and running again.  We have enough space to grow lots of botanicals and my relatively new purchase of a dehydrator makes processing so much quicker.  I have started a dyers garden as well so bit by bit my botanical world is taking shape.  I am making handmade books from my botanical printed paper and selling them on my wee Etsy store.  Feedback has been really positive.  My new world can’t be rushed and that suits me.  Dye baths bubble away and printing rests in the larder while I work away on my books.  I feel very calm.  I have also been blessed with a number of lovely commissions for books and that has been very rewarding.  I recently created a wildflower kit that I felt so proud of as, once again, it couldn’t be rushed.  With my four children all grown up I have the time to experiment and test and in selling online I have complete control of pace.  With all this has come a real sense of clarity which in a very muddled world is rare.  Long may it continue….🌿🙏💚


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