A new beginning

Like many emerging out of lock down new beginnings are the order of the day.  In my head Scottish island mum was dormant but in my heart she never went away.  So, as Scotland begins the tentative steps of easing lock down I am revisiting this work and switching things up.  For so long writing was a huge part of my life and then other things crowded it out.  I retired as a commercial artist at the end of last year so I could concentrate on things I love, this is one of those things.

For those of you who have followed me since the beginning you were there when my children were much younger.  Some of you were there at the start of 2013 when Scottish island mum was born.  Many of you have been on my e-courses with me and we have even celebrated our alternative Christmas together!

I haven’t got to the stage when I know what structure this will take and where my priorities lie.  Except for so say that this will be about a new stage of life.  Semi retired and far more about me and what I am up to.  The old Scottish island got too big and I started to resent the time spent on radio shows and other PR commitments.  There will be none of that.  She had her time doing that.  This will be a much quieter pace where we shall explore life on a small Scottish island and the creative ways I interpret that.  I hope to start by reprising some of my courses and very much hope to be ready to launch the Alternative Christmas in September.  This course will see us right up to, through and out the other end of the festive period as it realigns the way we think about the winter and the festive period.
Writing will be front and centre again at a time when there are more opportunities for contemplation.  In recent years I have done quite a few face to face courses in meditation, journaling and textile art.  I want to shift the delivery of those online now.  If you are interested in any of those areas drop me a wee message with your email address and I will add you to an emerging email list.

Over the coming weeks I will update existing followers on what the children are now all up to as a lot has happened there.  But as we begin the slow and long journey to recover from Covid-19 let’s make a pact that life will be better than before.  Life will be good.  🙏🌊❤️


Scottish island mum welcomes comments

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