A blessed journey underway

Apologies for the radio silence from our wee island but life has taken us on a new and exciting journey and we are just coming up for air.

As the children all continue to forge independent lives my life changes, almost daily.  We just have Max at home now as George successfully fledged to life at university where he will study adventure tourism for four years.  Harry is almost at the end of his plastering apprenticeship and Molly left today for her next adventure – this time to a RSPB reserve north of the Cairngorms to take up a post as a conservation research assistant.  Added to this Max is currently studying computer science, meaning he is on his own with this one!

IMG_0457All of a sudden my life post home school has opened up and I have been able to focus more of my time on my new baby Earth Threads.  Earth Threads is a textile based online store that enables me to share my work as well as work from other talented artisans.  Since launching in June of this year I have been busy desperately trying to keep the store stocked while working on a number of significant commissions.  We could not have known that our Earth Thread journals would be as popular as they are and they are taking over many of my waking minutes.

This is a real chance for me to push my creativity and test just how good I could become.  Those of you that know me well know that I love a challenge.  It has been easy for me to make excuses for myself in not expanding creative boundaries – home school has dominated my life forever.  Those excuses are ebbing away now so there is no more hiding or living in fear of the unknown.  I intend to tackle this head on and see just how far I can go.  There is even an exciting but daunting collaboration on the horizon but more of that as it becomes clearer.


My creative boundaries have been a wee bit limited by a lifetime of craft but now I am remembering that I trained in textiles and have previous experience of surface design which has been neglected over the years.  This is the time to take this all forward and I am so excited I let out little sounds of pure delight when I start a new textile collage.  I have also returned to pick up the waste fibre bowls that I began a couple of years ago before illness floored me.


Illness won’t floor me going forward as there is no space for that.  Criticism will become my friend and time will become my ally.

Do have a wee peek at Earth Threads and let me know what you think and if you have a gift in mind for a special friend or family member bear me in mind.

Tis all too exciting on an autumnal Scottish island.

Much love



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