A day defined by cups of tea

73364b50da249fff22b13490507d871cIf my day was defined by cups of tea it would tell its own story.

My first cup of tea is in bed as I have long convinced myself I can’t get up without having had a cup of tea.  To be more precise I have convinced my husband who brings the tea most mornings.  This is my thinking cup of tea and is, in fact, essential to the flow of the day.  I work from home as a writer and a crafter so the need to have a plan for the day is something that has become habitual.  That said, sometimes I just prop myself up, drink my tea and go into a sort of dream minus the sleep.  On those days I couldn’t really tell you what that cup of tea signifies.

My second cup of tea is a very large mug.  I visited many a shop until I found a mug large enough for this duty.  This mug of tea is mid morning and by then I am well into either my writing or my sewing.  In the winter months I am in the house by the warm radiators but in the summer I am in my garden studio.  This mug of tea signifies a productive part of the day when I am thinking and doing in unison.  Clever girl.

My third cup of tea is from a tea pot so it becomes at least two and it is late afternoon.  At this time, in the depths of winter, the light fades far too quickly so sewing has to stop and I use this time to make a pot of tea having just lit the fire.  I have a rocking chair right by the fire and a cat that loves it.  So, once we have negotiated that I will sit on the chair and she will sit on me the tea drinking can begin.  Strangely, this is when I do my best thinking.  I somehow seem to shift outside any boxes in my mind that I might have made during the day and new ideas have a chance to flourish.  This might be to do with my work or my family life but it is always interesting.  I commend my tea pot as I am sure that makes all the difference.

My final cup of tea is a cup and quite small.  It ends my day and is just part of the ritual of preparing for bed.  I am lucky that it does not stop me sleeping.  I confess that if there are any sad moments they will come with this cup of tea.  Another day is over.

I have come to understand that my tea drinking is part of my tapestry of hygge moments in any one day and, although, routine, are always most welcome.  I wonder when you drink tea and what each cup means to you?



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