25 years – a lifetime of knowing

wedding photoOn the way to church my dad stopped me and asked me if I was sure?  Was I sure that I wanted to marry Pete?  Dad wasn’t being critical because it is something he did out of duty I think.  But I was sure and I have always been sure and now 25 years of knowing have galloped by.  It has not always been easy and we have had some difficult times.  We lost our first baby on Christmas day 18 months after we were married and it broke us.  Actually, it broke me, Pete was much stronger and helped put me back together.  We went on to have four wonderful children but then lost our last one as well.  Life can be cruel.

Our time together has very much defined by the children as they are our world.  We spend each and every day talking about them and feel really connected to them.  When we decided to home educated it was not a common pathway and we stood firm against criticism, some of it from our own family.  We mapped a pathway for our wee family that has taken us into some amazing places.  We learned to learn together and we played together as well.  It is, however, the laughter that stays with us the most.  We definitely  know how to laugh in our family.

At 38 I got ill and I have had bouts of poor health ever since with no cure on the horizon.  It is Pete and the children that make this bearable and I owe them all a great deal.  We just work as a family and it is not much more complicated as that.  I am sure Pete would join me in dedicating our 25th wedding anniversary to our lovely, lovely children.  The four of you make us complete although I think we all know that there will always be six of you…….



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