And so it becomes clear…..

The radio silence has probably been longer than it has ever been on Scottish island mum.  After such a promising start things went pop and the months and months of sleep deprivation caught up with me.  The only real option was to take a period of complete rest and that is what I have been doing.  That is becoming something behind me now though and just one of those times we all have when life doesn’t really go to plan.

The huge benefit of this enforced rest time has been the space to think and listen to the signs from the universe.  I really had no clue what was to happen in 2016 but my instincts told me that it would be important.  In the end it was a series of clear signs that made the vision come into view in the brightest colours imaginable.

To cut a process short to get to the outcome….

Pete and I, with the support of the family, are going back to our trading routes.  Some years back we had one of the very first fair trade shops in the country and we loved every minute of it.  We had wonderful relationships with our artisan suppliers and brought the highest quality gifts in from all over the world.  When the recession hit we made the sad decision to let the lease go on the shop as we could see how badly this would end otherwise and since then we have moved onto other things.

Later this year we will be launching a new online/gift fair business focusing on world textiles connected by geographic width and historical depth.  The research process is already underway to locate textile artisans from across the world and also artisans that bring historical textiles into a contemporary space.  We are so unbelievably excited already as early research has identified the most exciting of possibilities.

We want this new venture to have a social enterprise element and research on this is very embryonic but will ensure that every purchase from our artisans will result in a very good deed.  Pete and I both feel that this is an important part of the plan.  Moving forward in our lives as our children begin to depart into their own lives we won’t need so much money coming in so the plan is for the new business to provide us with a modest income while being there for people less fortunate than us.

IMG_5453 (2)Just as planning began for this venture in comes an invitation to me for my creative work to be exhibited at a prestigious trade fair and just for a second we paused.  That was until Max pointed out that as my work is already planned as part of the new, larger, business there is no reason why it can’t have its own wee pathway within the framework.  Max has also been very helpful talking us through how new online network platforms are going to come on stream that will be perfect for our business.

We still have all our own contacts so easier trade accounts are already established once again and new ones are being identified almost daily.  The basis is very artisan based therefore we are hoping to identify a new, and featured, artisan regularly and they could come from any corner of the world including the UK.

We have a small idea about time frame but we won’t release that until we are sure.  What we would like to announce today though is that we are setting up a focus group where we might discuss ideas and share creative vision.  People will be at the heart of the this venture and that starts now.  It will be a secret facebook group as we do not want the idea to leak before we are ready to launch.  Of course, we thought of Scottish island mum followers first.  If you would like to be part of this new and exciting venture we would love to have you involved.  Just message me and I will add you on on facebook.

There will be so much more to say……..

One excited Scottish island family.

scottish island mum


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