Shoots of new growth

It has been a challenging start to the year on the island as the weather has demanded a great deal of attention.  However Scottish island mum is pleased to be back with her brand new site and new pages.  As we enter our 4th year it does seem incredible that there is still a place for her.  In the past three years a lot has changed and followers have been here every step of the way.

The pages on this site have been updated and new elements added so there is much to explore……


As we turn into the festival of Imbolc we celebrate new shoots of growth and the traditional beginning of the agricultural year.  Scottish island mum would like to return to her roots and has many plans to grow and get creative in her neglected garden.  With the help of a very loyal husband we are to create a wonderful new herb wheel adjacent to our house and the preparation of the ground will soon begin.  This is designed as a place for peace but also an addition to the dried herbs that we need to run our craft business.  A new page will pop up in due course with all the plans and progress for you to follow if herbs are a favourite of yours.

There is a wee secret venture already underway that will be launched on the Spring Equinox this year that falls on 20th March.  It involves working within a small but perfectly formed creative team and a new page for that will appear when I can say more.  Those of you out there that love to create will love this new venture.

But one venture is already well underway and that is my ‘Walking for Wellbeing’ challenge for 2016.  The plan is to take a walk every day for a year as a way of strengthening my body to try and combat some of my symptons of my illness, fibromyalgia.  I am very tired of being ill and, although I try not to focus on it, it is taking up too much space in my life.  This is my personal intervention.  I know a lot of you are walking with me and you are also members of the Towards Wellbeing Project which is a monthly mailchimp that lands in your inbox full of resources to explore in the pursuit of wellbeing.  If you are not a member of this entirely free project just complete the form below and I will add you to the distribution list.  The February mailchimp will be out in the coming days.  I already have the page HERE for that project.

So it promises to be another full and busy year for Scottish island mum.  The constant storms in this new year can not dampen my spirit or alter my deep love of the island I call home.  I have a brand new camera so I am hoping that, as the light returns, to be able to post improved photographs of this very beautiful place.


Blessings to you all for a truly wonderful year ahead.

scottish island mum




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