Life affirming dust….

The world that is Scottish island mum is a wee bit busy at the moment but mostly this is supported by strong and inspirational teamwork so I feel rather blessed.  For me there is no greater achievement than when people pull together towards a common goal as it is transformational.  The journey towards the outcome is full of enriched and life affirming moments where memories are built that result in twisted faces accompanied by peels of laughter.  One thing Scottish island mum knows how to do and that is laugh.  Just at this time I find myself surrounded by people in different contexts that all share that capacity.  Within that the teams that I am currently working with are some of the most inspirational people I have ever worked with.

I think it may be both a gender and an age issue.  I am used to mixed gender teams but just at the moment I find myself working with mainly women and, more than that, women of a certain age that are learning to let go a wee bit and let the consequences find themselves.  We are on a shared pathway and that is a blessing in its own right.  As regular readers will know I try and balance my life with time for family and work and time for charitable projects and this has always meant that I have worked alongside a wide range of people and learnt from all of them.  I can never really see the point in surrounding yourself with people the same as yourself – better to aim for diversity as with that comes increased learning.  If I ever stop learning I suspect I will have stopped breathing.

Much of my world is creative and that transcends much of my daily occupation.  I work with online communities such as Etsy and Remade in Britain on a commercial basis but these places are jam packed with creative people.  I work with students from all over the world on my portfolio of e-courses and some of their thinking blows me into a new universe and I work with media companies full of young people seeking new truths that seem to genuinely believe my writing has something to offer the world.

In my charity work I work with UNICEF, Save the Children and Oxfam on an international level where the focus is about finding creative ways to reach the hearts and minds of those more fortunate in this world.  These professionals often sit towards the top of my favourite people list as their work is relentless, tireless and compassionate.  I am not sure it gets much better than that.   On the island I work with a community project called Eco Savvy that aims to make the island a more sustainable reality.  I also work with other charities on an occasional basis especially with fundraising initiatives.  My work with charity is aligned with my family life as combined they support me as I exist.

IMG_5578This post however focuses on one wee group within a group.  I have been working with a creative upcycling group all summer on the island as part of the eco savvy project and I am not sure I have ever worked with a better group.  I measure this in terms of mutual respect, support, creativity and commitment.  Each and every member of these have all these qualities in bucket fulls.  We are working towards an upcycled story telling show in the few weeks and as the show approaches this wee group of women just keep on delivering.  We don’t do cross words, we don’t do ego. and we don’t do gossip.  We meet every second week and we create, chat and each cake.  Between meetings we all continue to create and share via virtual platforms and the sense of being a team has never been stronger.  I may be writing and directing the show but I am not leading the group.  A group like this needs no leadership.  It is far outgrown that concept.  We do, from time to time, need more cake however.

It is easy to thank people after a show has gone out and there is a mix of relief and pride and I am sure I will do that in spades.  But I wanted to say thank you now by writing it down and letting others read about this wonderful group of women.  You don’t know their names – you don’t need to know them.  You wouldn’t recognise them in the street if you saw them – you don’t need to. Perhaps it is just enough to know they exist proving that this type of team spirit in alive and kicking.  Think of it as life affirming magic dust.  May a little of it escape from this screen and keep the faith that human beings really are remarkable.

To my wee group of ladies I would just like to say that it has been an honour and a privilege.  Rock and roll girls.  xx

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