The island begins to shine

cropped-growing-may-2014-045.jpgSeptember is my favourite month on the island.  Families have all returned home and the island settles down a wee bit and, more often than not, the sun shines.  I get to walk on the beach alone and park right outside the bank when I need to.  The midges begin to decline and the autumn breezes begin to arrive.  More importantly than all of that the seeds begin to travel through the light breezes and I find that sight magical.  The lightness of motion and new places are found for new growth next spring.

On our land the leaves on the willow are just starting to turn and I am hopeful for a super crop for Christmas wreaths this year.  Creatively September is a month of designing and collecting materials ready for the big October sew for the Christmas collection.  Things are a little different this year because of the success of the Arran Open Studios event as I am also trying to find time to work on my bowls.  If you want to follow the progress of this work you might want to follow my sister blog HERE.  

Santa sparkle 026The other difference this year is the scope of my Christmas range.  I always do very well at the island events as I am very well supported by the locals.  I am keen to create an additional event to support some of the craft workers who support the village markets with me throughout the summer.  So I have invited a number of them to join me on an open house event called Christmas Cottage which will run from the 4-6th December.  We will work as a group to set our spare cottage up as a festival for all things Christmas and I will bring my workshops all together to run over this weekend.  I am also planning a cheese and wine shopping evening and a hot chocolate and cup cake gathering so it promises to be a lot of fun.  The Bobbin Collective will also be well represented.  Much more detail nearer the time and do keep an eye on my FACEBOOK PAGE.

The scope extends further with my partnership with Remade in Britain as we not only stock our shop for Christmas gifts but we also offer stock items for their two stands at The Festival of Thrift in late September and the Country Living Christmas Fair the first weekend in December.  I am truly delighted to be working with Remade in Britain as they extend their impact and reach for all things upcycled.

creative arran whiting bay 036So this autumn promises to be even busier than normal and I am feeling up for the challenge. From January 1st I have decided to take a years sabbatical from writing with the exception of Scottish island mum and my related blogs.  This will allow me to focus on my emerging art portfolio and my increasingly successful upcycled craft work.  I can’t just bolt my new art work into an already busy schedule so it was a decision that was quite easily made.  After the sabbatical year I will have a stronger feeling for the most obvious direction from there.  I have always made considerable time for my voluntary work with the island project Eco Savvy and my work for UNICEF, Save the Children and Oxfam.  During 2016 I am still going to make time but I need to be more structured about it and limit it to sensible, but worthwhile contributions.  I work best in a project context so that should give me an excellent steer.

I am also taking a years break from my e-courses but that is part of an earlier plan as I use 2016 to turn some of the courses into e-books.  It will seem odd not have students to communicate with on almost a daily basis but it should provide me with the ‘space’ I need to do the conversions to ebooks and begin a virtual library of what I hope are useful texts relating to mindfulness and intuitive journaling.  I very much hope to pick up my e-course work in 2017.

Scottish island mum will continue to play a central role in my life as it is the space where it all comes together and begins to make sense.  The community that is ‘Scottish island mum’ is very important to me and I can’t imagine that ever changing.  If you want to follow me across my social networks the links are here –




Meantime, I wish all of a productive and bountiful autumn and do drop me a message or comment with your plans as I would love to hear them.  Blessings to you all.

scottish island mum


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