Embroidered bowls find their place.

IMG_5672I am simply overwhelmed by both the support and the feedback as day one of my open studio closes.  I thought I might get the odd visitor but since opening I have been flat out with people and I am all talked out.  If I had one dream it would be that my wee machine embroidered bowls would leave their mark as a contribution to innovation.  I can’t judge the aesthetics but I can tell you that the process that I cracked in April of this year really pushes the boundaries of what we can expect from a humble sewing machine.  One visitor summed it up really well today when he said ‘ wool and thread should be able to stand up by itself;  let alone make a bowl shape.’  That made me smile inside and out.

Other comments in my visitor book included –

‘Beautifully inspired work….’

‘Absolutely stunning.’


‘Wonderful, creative and original.’

‘Taking use of waste materials onto a whole new levels.’

‘Genuinely breaking boundaries.’

Now you can see why I was overwhelmed.  But I have another community and that is my online one that have supported Scottish island mum since she fledged in January 2013.  The messages and comments have been just as wonderful so this is as much a thank you to you and to everyone who made today completely memorable.   I really didn’t expect to sell but alongside lots of smaller sales I did, in fact, sell four of my precious bowls.  As each one is truly unique I now have to deal with the reality of letting them go….

My grandmother taught me to use a sewing machine.  She died in 1985.  She will be smiling today.



Much love to all,

scottish island mum



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