A Positive Place

wild challenge 1 017Somehow I seem to have stumbled upon one of those places in life where positivity is flowing in abundance.  I am a very positive person but the world can be a very challenging place so positive places are  hard to come by.  A positive place is not just defined by positive energy it is also encapsulated in time and space.  You absolutely know when you have stumbled across one because if you pivot on your anchor foot you will see positivity in all directions.  I see it in our island community, in the youths I meet on a daily basis, through happenings in the lives of my family and friends and in the wider world at large.

This wee positive place was shattered into a million pieces this morning when UNICEF and Oxfam contacted me with news of a second major earthquake in Nepal.  People that are out there rescuing have been hurt themselves…

If you are truly in a positive place it will find a way to win through and today it was my 15 year old son who shone the brightest of all and restored my faith in human nature.  As soon as he was aware of the second disaster to hit an already devastated country he was up and on his laptop.  He is a member of a brand new youth group for Oxfam and he understands his responsibilities very well.  He had been working on background research of the charity so armed with that he immediately set up a facebook page so that he can start to build a network that is capable of helping Oxfam to help others.  He has already put the emergency appeal on the page and we are all busy sharing the page and the appeal like mad.  Meantime he is plugged into several news reporters waiting for updates.

So, through the gloom of the disaster emerged a 15 year old young man taking his first steps as a humanitarian activist and I was fit to burst.  I was busy chasing national dance awards and rehearsing every spare minute when I was wrapped up in my self obsessed 15 year old world.  The contrast is too acute.

The new Arran Oxfam Youth Group have plans to campaign and fundraise throughout the summer with a tentative appointment with our new MP in the autumn for some serious lobbying.  I strongly suspect they will a force to be reckoned with as the youth voice always has the loudest impact in humanitarian contexts.  All my four children have worked with me with international charities for years but this is different.  Both Max and George are part of the new Arran Oxfam Youth Group and I am watching them fledge from a distance.  Within our family we have all long since agreed that Max has the biggest heart and now he has the chance to use that to help others who live hundreds of miles away.  Although I am incredibly proud that is not really the point.  The reality is that we raise our children to be the best they can be and something tells me that Max is beginning a journey that will define a lifetime.

PLEASE support these young people by liking their facebook page HERE.  They will soon have their own blog as well but all their plans will be announced on their facebook page first.  Many thanks from a very humbled…..

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