A world without stuff

Continuing my mission to declutter my life and live more simply I am sat at a table top sale getting rid of more stuff.  I am surrounded by a village hall full of people doing the same thing.  I have already given bags and bags of stuff to charity and sold some pieces online and through our community shop.   More will be heading to the local charity shop after this event.  I have a wee vision that when the children have all left home Pete and I will build a tiny wooden house and live a minimal existence.  It is for many reasons that this vision is being created including the desire to live more lightly on this planet.  But I am quite sure I am developing an allergic reaction to stuff.

There is no doubt that the vast majority of us have far too much stuff and it is not a legacy I want to pass onto my children.  They all live quite simply and have resisted the idea of acquiring things they do not need.  George loves his books and they will stay with him always but apart from those his room is very minimal.  Harry is very like me and has got rid of lots of unwanted stuff over recent years as has his older sister, Molly.  She needs to travel light as she has a career in conservation so stuff just gets in her way.  Max finds it difficult to let stuff go so his answer to that is not to acquire it in the first place.  He inhabits our box room so there is a real limit to what he can put in it.

I am pretty proud of Pete because he has thrown himself into the decluttering process despite being quite grumpy about it in the past.  So day by day, week by week we are getting rid and it does feel really good.  I feel somewhat cleansed.

My biggest issues is all my making things for my craft business but in recent years this has become much more focused and that has helped me pass materials onto people starting out in craft.  I now have one shelving unit and three old fruit boxes and that is it.  It used to be a lot more than that and even threatened to take over the house at one point.

I don’t have many personal things now holding onto jewellery that Pete has given me and one necklace I inherited from my grandmother.  I have one small hanging rail of clothes and two drawers but I can see ways to reduce further there as well.

So my journey to declutter is moving on well and the trick now is not to acquire more things.  If we are to realise the goal of living in one of these tiny houses we need to keep going.  Assuming I am still making I already have a garden studio that can accommodate all the necessary materials so beyond that we just need somewhere to sleep, sit and eat.  How much more is there than that.  I would love a structure where the whole front opens onto a deck when the weather is nice so that you can expand the house.  Lots of passive solar glass and living completely off grid would suit me very well indeed.  This is easier said than done but our research is underway and a combination of solar power, utilising grey and rain water and a compost toilet should do the job well.  I am sure this would not suit everyone but it would suit us.  Add in a fuel efficient camper van for guests to stay in and us to holiday in and the lifestyle is established.

Pondering on why I amassed so much stuff I am not really sure of the reason.  I think I liked to shop and now I hate it.  I also think I like to home build or nest and that is behind me as well now.  Entering a new decade in life is a turning point for me.  I wanted to have given up my corporate style job by 40 and live more remotely and I achieved that.  So let us set my 60th as the next aspirational moment.  I would like to be in a much smaller dwelling and living as simply as possible by then.  We shall see.  It is something to aim at and that has always been important to me.

Just at this moment I need someone to come along and buy the contents of my table.  A big ask but things are moving so you never know.  We can always dream….

scottish island mum



2 thoughts on “A world without stuff

  1. I live in a very small cottage and am also decluttering so my kids don’t have to deal with too much ‘stuff’ in the future. I am doing really well with ‘stuff ‘ but having trouble with clothes – I have loads of nice clothes which fit, are good colours, mostly good fabrics and classic ish, so not too dated, so I can’t bring myself to charity shop/sell/bin. I have not bought any new clothes apart from underwear for nearly 2 years except a couple of charity shop shirts so handy hints welcome on how to reduce my wardrobe.

    1. I sold all my good clothes that I knew I wouldn’t wear again now we are on Arran. I sold most of them on eBay and my experience was that good brands like monsoon, boden etc attract decent prices. Xx

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