New look for Scottish island mum

My month of incubation is almost over and I am thrilled with the way it has gone.  I have managed to stay very focused and reflective both at the same time.  I have no idea how I managed my life before I discovered meditation and, from there, developed my incubation strategy.  This allows me to refocus on world and make sense before forging on – it also reminds me the importance of giving thanks.


I took a gamble this year and decided to run two e-courses at the same time as incubating but the gamble has paid off.  The first one was The Balanced Year Ahead which was all about planning using seasonality and identity as our guides.  The second one was a real surprise as I ventured into tech courses with my own version of Using blogging and social networks to tell your story.  Both courses have proved to be really popular and useful to both students and myself alike.  Put together they have offered me an excellent way to start my year.  Now the challenge is to keep this good work up.  I feel that I lost my way a bit last year and got drawn into places that I didn’t want to inhabit.  But I also feel that I have learnt from that and will not make the same mistake again.  A very wise woman once advised me to ensure that I surrounded my myself with people with a positive and aspirational outlook but to also ensure that they were grounded.  This is easier said than done in a complex world but that doesn’t negate the quality of the advice.  This will be my guiding light going forward and I will do my best.

On the smallholding we have been a wee bit neglectful as we have been concentrating on a rebuild of our kitchen.  As part of my commitment to frugal living in 2015 we are asked to refurbish one room in our home using as much reclaimed materials as possible.  This is where we have been truly blessed.  A beautiful range cooker was given to us by a dear friend who had no further use for it.  This gift followed an earlier blessing of an original vintage kitchen which was taken out of a house by another friend.  So all we have to do is make all this work for as little money as possible.  Work is well underway and I promise a full post on the finished project showing photos before and after.

PicMonkey Collage

I was thrilled to also be able to launch the Bobbin Collective earlier this month and I think this project has real potential.  Working with all creatives has to be a positive move.  You can find out all about it HERE.

So the year ahead looks exciting and grounding both at the same time.  If you want to see my full e-course portfolio it is available to download on my ISSUU page HERE.

Lastly, I have redesigned this Scottish island mum site and I am very pleased with the results.  Using a new template with forget-me-nots as a focus seems a place to inhabit that I will enjoy for the remainder of the year.  I have a wee Scottish island mum corporate look going on as the sister site Meditation and Intuitive Journaling has the same template and that seems to make good sense.  If you are particularly interested in that aspect of my work it is worth following that site as well.

I do hope that your January has been productive and that you are excited about your year ahead.

Blessings to you all.

scottish island mum


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