A Christmas Wish. xx

This is a magical time of year and I cherish it as my family come together to celebrate.  Let me go no further before sending my thoughts to the families of those you were killed in the tragic accident in George Square, Glasgow yesterday.  It is beyond comprehension what you are going through and I send all the blessings I can muster.  xx

The love within my family is the thing I cherish most in life and at Christmas we get to spend time together and that is all I ever want from Santa.  Just to have all four children here makes the time so special and this year we are blessed to have Molly’s boyfriend, Scott, with us as well.  He will be inducted into the Doubleday Christmas and then he will think we are all bonkers.

Christmas flowers 016

George and I have just finished the cake and he has also made cappuccino cakes just because he can!  I have finished the Christmas table flowers and the house is tidy and decorated in true festive style.  Evergreens dominate as we always aim to bring a little bit of the outside in.  They also represent everlasting life and that is something we are always mindful of.

Tomorrow Pete and I will put on Christmas movies and wrap presents by the fire and get just as excited as when our children were young.  They might be pretty much all grown up but they will always be our children.  We could not love them more if we tried and we could not be more proud.  As they begin to forge their own paths through life we smile inside and out at how they have grown into remarkable human beings.  They all know what is important in life and they are all incredibly grounded individuals and I am not sure we  could ask for more than that.

It has been a busy year for Scottish island mum and as we celebrate our second Christmas together I remain so incredibly grateful for all your support.  I will be spending some time looking back around the new year but I am acutely aware that I could not achieved what I have without the loyalty and support from all of you.  Together we have signed petitions, raised money for the needy, supported young people and celebrated Scotland’s real heroes.  I have even walked on a red carpet thanks to you!

So as I turn towards my family at this time of year I do so mindful of my bigger family that is Scottish island mum.  From my small Scottish island I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a peaceful new year.

christmas card


Blessings to you all.    xx

scottish island mum


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