50 fabulous things at 50….xx

Waking up to being 50 was a bit of an experience but I am quite determined to embrace it.   Fabulous and fifty will be my guiding motto as I blast my way through the coming year.  My aim is to do 50 things I haven’t done before and my list is underway.  There are all sorts on the list from forcing myself to try blue cheese (haven’t been able to get beyond the smell to date) to designing and building my first piece of concept art.  I have never sponsored a child before so I want to sponsor a young girl to help her through her education.  I have never written a book although I have one underway.  I wonder if I will actually finish it this year?  I have chosen 50 friends that I want to write to during the course of the year to tell them how special they are to me.  I want to knit myself a pair of warm socks as I always have cold feet and I want to sort through my photos of my children and make a book for each of them.  And the list goes on and on but it is a fabulous list and I will have lots of fun experiencing all these things.

I am fortunate that I am never short of ideas of new things to try as I learnt many years ago that this is what makes me tick.  I love learning and I love challenging myself.  I also, fundamentally, love life.  That said I do not always love the world in which we live and the recent killings in Pakistan have been the hardest to bear.  It is an unimaginable act but yet it happened.  The fact that fellow human beings are capable of such a thing leaves me completely cold and somewhat defeated.  So while I celebrate my 50th birthday with my own dear children I am completely mindful of the families that have lost such precious lives.  I am already finding ways to honour them by networking with people who can make a difference in Pakistan and I will continue that work forever.  My very first teaching job was in East London among the Bengali community and I can still see their faces today.  Many of these children came from an impoverished life and school was their relief.  It was where they could just be themselves and I loved each and every one of them.

UNI28253I believe that education is a birth right and it is essential for a happy and contented life.  The fact that education is seen in some corners of the world as something to go to war over is almost beyond words.  Education should not be feared; it should be cherished as the gift it is.  I am working with an NGO at this time to locate a young Pakistani girl who is in need of sponsorship.  I have never gone down this route before choosing to work with large organisations such as UNICEF and Save the Children but I feel the events of late have made me realise how vital each and every child’s education is.  Imagine if all of us that could  sponsor a child did just that?  If you are interested in sponsoring a child in Pakistan there is a useful organisation HERE.

So there is much to do both in my own life and in others and that is what being fabulous and fifty is all about.

Thank you so much for all my birthday wishes.

Blessings to you all,

scottish island mum


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