Gently expanding wings

It has been a very busy time at Scottish island mum.  The summer season is well and truly underway on the island and the endless days of sunshine are making it sparkle.  I never grow tired of my route to the village along the shore but it is rare that I see people venturing into the sea.  This summer appears to be the exception as more and more people brave the cold waters.  Of course for many islanders it is a very busy time and we rarely have time to even dip a toe in the water.  I therefore make a point of walking along the shore rather than the roadside for my shifts in the community shop and I never forget how fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful place.

eigg day 3 010The last couple of months have witnessed Scottish island mum return to study as an advanced course in mindfulness and chronic illness seemed a logical step to take.  Regular readers will know that I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for over 10 years and in that time I have tried many alternative treatment options with varying success.  Without doubt the most successful has been mindfulness which I arrived at through many years of meditation.  Mindfulness teaches us about the moment.  It teaches us about stillness and quiet and it teaches us to let go of negative thoughts that are capable of dominating our mind through the day and into our sleep.  But it has done much more than that for me.  It has helped me see myself and my illness is a new light and it is connected my mind and body in a deeply empowering way.  Chronic illness has the capacity to sneak up on you when you are not looking.  It has the capacity to blight a life.  My illness does neither and I owe that, largely, to mindfulness.

Finally, I have made the space in my life to gently expand my wings and start my own practice.  In reality I have been doing this for some time but my recent studies have enabled me to focus on mindfulness and chronic illness and this is where I think I can offer the most help.  So from the beginning of August my client list will open for a short time to ensure that I keep the practice small.  This, in turn, ensures that I am confident that I have enough time to offer the support that I know will be needed.  If you would like to know more about what I can offer click HERE. 

Just as I ease myself into this new venture in comes an email offering media work that I can get really excited about.  Although nothing is confirmed as yet the potential is exactly what I like to get involved in using the Scottish island mum brand in a sensitive and appropriate way.  Once things are a little clearer I will share with you all.  I get lots of requests for media work and most of them are politely turned down.  This is not your typical blog because it is not interested in promotion for promotion sake.  Scottish island mum will always remain very loyal to her readers who expect her to make the right decisions in what media work to pursue.

My work at the Eco Savvy community shop is taking me down a little path that has always fascinated me.  The history of fashion as an indicator for the changing role of women in society has always drawn a second glance from me.  Last week a Gucci dress was unearthed in a bag of donated clothes.  Hours of searching finally revealed that this was an authentic 1960s Gucci dress and my excitement was clear for all to see.  Last night the search to authenticate a Prada handbag was less rewarding as it proved to be a fake but the process was just as interesting.  I am hoping that these finds signal a responsive approach to what comes through the doors of our little community shop.  We put together a whole display based around the Gucci dress and almost immediately a lady purchased a small print from the table declaring that it was a snapshot of her life in the 1960s and before…….

Ella and Peter Stevenson

In that moment in the shop I understood the real merit of lives as stories and that these stories should be acknowledged and celebrated.  I often celebrate the life of my Grandmother, Ella Stevenson, and describe her as a remarkable woman.  She inspired me in so many ways and as I sat behind my market stall today with a table crammed full of my ‘Make Do & Mend’ collection I smiled.  Ella Stevenson would have approved.  She lived through two world wars and she was a professional seamstress.  Do I need to say more?

On a very similar subject Scottish island mum is almost ready to start her campaign to remember and honour all those who lost so much during the First World War.  100 years have gone by since the beginning of the war that should have ended all wars.  Project Poppy is my way of remembering and saying thank you.  Over the coming weeks this site will be featuring creative work made by a number of people who all wanted to make their own personal tribute.  I consider the sharing of this work to be a true and lasting honour.

So, it is a busy time for Scottish island mum and it is also a time of gently expanding wings.  My favourite creature on this planet is the dragonfly.  I wonder why?


Speak soon.  xx





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