The importance of being responsive

This is just a really quick post in response to events that have happened in the last 24 hours.  Firstly, thank you so much for the encouraging feedback on my post about ‘moving on in life.’  I am glad that it was useful to so many people.  A little window of time and reflection opened up in my life that allowed me to finally set up my Mindfulness & Intuitive Journaling Project.  I have been promising myself this for a long time and when the window opened I jumped right in.

eigg day 3 010After years of practice in both mindfulness and intuitive journaling (coupled with more courses than I can count) I decided it was time to begin my own practice.  Mindfulness and intuitive journaling have played such an important role in my personal development and I consider them to be essential life tools.

The aim with this project is to bring all this work into focus and filter it through the project.  I have a passion for guided self learning and my existing portfolio of e-workshops, courses and retreats are proving very popular.  Feedback confirms that there is a place for this work so I am shifting it up a gear.  The mindfulness & intuitive journaling project will, initially, run through a brand new facebook page and, ultimately, will inhabit its own web space.  The intention behind my work is to open up these tools for people to learn in their own time and in their own space.

I will also be beginning a small but very focused local practice on a face to face basis but I see that as additional to my online practice.

If you would like to keep up with the project visit the facebook page and hit the like button.  You may also be interested in joining us on a free taster e-workshop on Intuitive Journaling that will be available from the 21st June.  You can book a place through Eventbrite HERE.

I very much look forward to expanding and developing this work in a way that responsive to clear and identifiable needs.  My current portfolio is available to view in my online STORE. 

With grateful thanks for all the support and speak soon.  xx



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