Intuitive Journaling & Free E-workshop

There is a path up to the forest that borders our smallholding and as I settle to write a large group of walkers march past determined to tackle the hill that they probably know is ahead of them.  With the heavy showers we have had this week the path will turn to heavy mud soon so good luck with that.  From my studio window it would be impossible not to notice the lupin flowers rising above their foliage as if to say ‘I am here and I am important.’  Indeed lupins are important; all my flowers are important and the buzz in the air confirms that this morning.  The bees might just be making more sound than the birds as they buzz from one bloom to the next.

crafts may 2013 002

There is a problem with lupins though.  They get so big and spread so far that they take over everything else.  It is fine to be confident but no-one likes over-confident lupins.  I reflect on this as my mind turns to my free Intuitive Journaling e-workshop that I am releasing on the Summer Solstice (21st June) this year.  When I began offering e-courses I was determined to offer a free workshop from time to time.  Of course it is good PR but it also just seemed important somehow.  I don’t want all my work to be about monetary gain so this little workshop is perfect.  It allows participants to dip their respective toes in the water of ‘writing’ and see where it takes them.  Intuitive journaling is a technique that I am not sure we ever truly master as it asks challenging questions of us but the journey itself is incredibly worthwhile.

Re-connecting with our intuition offers us the opportunity to touch our essence and remind ourselves what is important to us.  The modern world is complex and fast moving so this workshop is my equivalent of a ‘stop and stare moment’ in life.  It will provide us all with the perfect excuse to look inwards with a lingering pause just so we might reflect with a stronger sense of purpose and belief.  Self belief is a little like the emerging lupin but if it is navigated well through our lives it opens doors without offending others.  When it tips over into arrogance it is not pleasant for any of us.  The e-workshop allows participants to tackle the exercises at their own time and pace and that is important.  I have long sense learnt that we all need to operate at a pace that suits us.  Identifying that pace helps us with our self belief because it prevents us from ‘dancing to other people’s tunes.’


Being around other people constantly has the capacity to damage our intuition as it fights for space in our heads.  I have spent the last few years simplifying the way my mind works and a by-product of that process is a stronger sense of intuition.  It has also led to a stronger belief in that intuition and that has been helpful.   For years my mind was clogged up with past experiences and associated anxieties.  Using mindful meditation I have managed to rid my mind of much of that unhelpful fodder to make space for space.  I used to have a terrible internal chatterbox that drove me mad.  It questioned when I didn’t want to question and it commented on everything that swept through my mind.  It was also impossible to switch off at night making sleep very difficult.  My mindful meditation practice eventually located the switch and switched my internal chatterbox off.  Fabulous.

Intuition relies on a truly personal and unique take on the world that belongs only to us.  As such it taps into what I term the ‘authentic mind discourse’.  This is like a conversation with ourselves about ourselves with no external reference.  That sounds easy but it is not.  First of all it is a conversation not a ‘talking at’ situation so the mind must speak and listen in equal measure.  Second there must be no external measure.  That means no comparison with no judgement developing from comparisons.  This is even harder to achieve as we are constantly measuring ourselves against others.  This is a very bad habit and we start to learn it as a young child.  The very young child does not do it but we quickly learn it as we begin to associate with more and more children.  Once this measuring and comparing begins in our mind it is incredibly difficult to halt.  Feelings of inferiority of superiority darken every corner of our mind like an ever increasing tangled web that few people can escape from.

growing May 2014 045

I will not lie; it took me years to untangle my web before turning it into the lightest cobweb and eventually blowing it out of my mind.  I don’t feel superior or inferior to anyone anymore.  I just feel like me.  I can reach in and make contact with my essence in an instant and this has helped to elevate my intuition to a higher place in my mind where it is more immediately accessible.  This is fundamental as it has helped to reshape my mind.  Minds are incredible powerful drivers of our own pathways in life and we underestimate them at our peril.  Learning to harness our minds to work for us rather than against us is what mindfulness is all about for me and to do that there are certain key steps to take that include:

  • Creating space for our mind to breath by slowing everything down on a regular basis
  • Convincing our mind of the importance of the moment as a lived occurrence
  • Conditioning our mind to stop re-working old experiences
  • Conditioning our mind to stop predicting the future
  • Cleansing our mind with mindful meditation techniques that work for us
  • Clearing our mind of unnecessary clutter
  • Eating better and drinking more water
  • Sleeping better

If we work consistently at all these areas a new mind will start to emerge.  It will be leaner and capable of deeper breath and lingering contentment.  These are the attributes that help us seek the happiness we all crave most of the time.

All this is a million miles away from dashing about the office trying to impress the boss, waking in the night worrying about failed relationships and listening to an internal chatterbox that is desperately trying to convince us that we are not good enough.  In my experience to achieve lingering contentment that speaks to our essence through our strong sense of intuition takes considerable time and a very determined attitude.  It is not something to pick up and put down; it needs consistent application but the benefits almost know no boundaries.

Intuitive journaling is a tool.  It is a tool that I hope others will find as useful as me in locating their essence and re-connecting with what makes us all unique.  The intention behind the free workshop is to give as many people as possible the chance to give it a go and see how they get on.  As part of the workshop participants have the option to send me some of their writings and I will do my absolute best to support their own internal analysis with an external eye.  I have a friend who analyses my writings from time to time as an external eye can often see different perspectives that we might miss.

So I am off to have the gentlest word with my lupins about the dangers of become too bossy in their raised bed in the hope that we are all getting some late spring sunshine.

Booking are open for my free Intuitive Journaling e-workshop which will be available on 21st June.  Places are limited to ensure I can respond to everyone individually.  If you would like a place just complete and form below and I will be touch.  Many thanks.

Speak soon.  xx


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