Young writer opportunity.

It is fair to say that today has been a busy one but not untypical.  Home school always takes the mornings and this one stretched into the early afternoon as Harry and I grappled with hormones, the pancreas and nutrition.  There were a couple of times when we looked blankly at each other before hitting the books again in search of an explanation we could actually understand.  As parents we never fell into the trap of thinking we had to know everything to be effective home teachers.  Now our children are older we increasingly find that we are learning alongside them and that can only ever be a good thing.

Finding interesting  ways to record information is a central theme of our approach.
Finding interesting ways to record information is a central theme of our approach.

Education is on my mind as I put together a commissioned article for the Our Mom spot website.  This site gets over 100,000 page views a month so I need to ensure that I am producing an article that might be of use.  The editors have asked for a piece that focuses on guiding potential home educators through the process of establishing a home school.  This is all very good but I have a word limit of 1000 words so I have just finished editing out too many contextual references to allow for the examples to speak for themselves.  This is a healthy editing process as it reflects the intentions behind the book that I am currently working on.  I so want it to a useful book and not just for parents who decide to home educate.  I want it to be a resource for all parents as we all get involved in our children’s learning.  Part of this commission is to create a short video of images that speak about home education.  I confess that these little youtube projects take me far longer than they should.  I am still grappling with the formatting options but if we learn by errors I must be doing a whole heap of learning.   This little example has drawn more attention that I thought it would.

It never ceases to amaze me that as soon as I place something as a back story or archive others show interest including a desire to publish.  The story that was Scottish island mum in 2013 continues to draw interest but so far I am not convinced by the offers.  I think we are too heavily influenced by a ‘fly on the wall’ reality context and I don’t think this fits the story that was Scottish island mum last year.  No one could have predicted how this little project could reach out and touch people’s lives and until someone understands that the story remains in the archives.  There was an enormous amount of integrity surrounding the project and that needs to be translated into any form of publication.  We shall see….

I am mindful of communities within the UK that are really struggling at this time with devastating flooding and wonder when this might end.  The news reports are crushing to watch and not something we usually see within our own country.  It serves to remind us of the power of mother nature but it also asks big questions about the way we manage these situations.  Anger is building towards councils and central government and I do hope they have the answers.  It is easy to feel removed from all of this as it has been a beautiful day on the island but facebook keeps me in touch with the trials being faced down south and in the west.  As a family we have donated to the community of the Somerset Levels who have been struck particularly hard by constant flooding for weeks.  Just click on the link if you would like to help.

What was I saying about it being a beautiful day?  It has just started snowing!

Photographed by David Newell.
Photographed by David Newell.

Yesterday was an incredibly productive day for my other site One soul many hearts.  This is, essentially, a sharing platform for all that is good and positive in the world.  People share writing, photographs and creative projects and it is a privilege to be the editor.  Changes are afoot though as is always the case with a site that responds to its readers and never stands still.  We are giving an opportunity for a young person (under 25) to have their own column (page) on the site for the rest of 2014.  Lots of interest has been shown in this opportunity already but if you want to know more pop across to the site.   We also may just have found our first sub-editor for at least one of the pages.  This was always the intention behind the site.  My aim was to hand more and more of it over to others in a bid to become a more inclusive site and so this is an important time for the development of the project.   Our newsletter in March will be full of new developments so if you want to keep up sign up in the box on the home page and little chimps will do the rest.

It is snowing quite hard now and the temperature has dropped dramatically.  The weather on the island can be incredibly changeable and today is a good illustration of that.  My studio is in the garden and I think it is time to move back inside and get the fire going.  This winter has not finished with us yet.  If, like me, you are looking forward to emerging from winter and into spring don’t forget that my Meditation through Writing online course begins in March and is heavily influenced by seasonal changes.  It is a creative and healing course that is capable to illuminating a new path in life.  There are still some places available so if you would like to find out more just message me for a chat.

Speak very soon.  xx


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