The collective mind

I have a friend who is a faith healer and she speaks of the collective mind and I am never really sure what she means.  On a simplistic level she might mean that we are all capable of coming together to make something happen but, on a deeper level, she might be suggesting that minds can come together and process the same thoughts.  There is evidence that some twins are capable of having the same thoughts at the same time but I am unclear on the science behind that.

I am, however, sure that collective is a good word and a good place to be.  I have endless examples in my own experiences when much more has been achieved as a result of a group working towards the same goal.  So, when an idea came to me in a bit of a light bulb moment I wondered how quickly it might become a reality.  My mission was to place the idea not in the real world but to suspend it for a while in the virtual world.  I am certainly not the first to try this!  As facebook  celebrates its 10th birthday I immediately drew on that space to suspend the idea.  Within hours the collective was formed but this is a very specific group of people.  We are all already bound together by a love of sewing and now all I have done is bind us together a bit tighter with a virtual thread.


Sewing is completely addictive but it can also be incredibly relaxing.  My grandmother taught me to sew and you can read about that in my memoir piece based on her.  So from a young girl I have been able to sew and I have taught all four of my children to sew.  Molly is exceptionally neat in embroidery while Harry is a whizz on the sewing machine.  I consider sewing to be one of life’s important skills but it has had a patchy history.  My grandmother worked in a business in Glasgow that required her to sew every day but those businesses are now, often, elsewhere in the world.   The relocation of industrial sewing to countries like India and Bangladesh has not been the best of moves as we see on the news far too frequently.  Cheap labour is the attraction for the companies who outsource their sewing but the consequences of these actions are often felt by young girls who should be in school.  Today is UNICEF’s Day for Change and schools across the country have been learning about education in other parts of the world.  UNICEF are trying to educate our young people that over 50 million children in the  world have no access to school.  Given that school for all children was established as a UN Millennium Goal we are just round the corner from an epic fail as the deadline for this goal being achieved is 2015.


So our collective goal is not going to be achieved and I feel partly responsible for that.  Every time we buy a cheap piece of clothing do we stop to ask why it is so cheap?  I certainly don’t and I am acutely aware of that.  There is much more to be done.  Let us hope that UNCEF’s attempts to arm our children with the relevant information is a step forward.

logo1Returning to my suspended notion of a collective I am delighted to announce that The Bobbin Collective was grasped by the sewers I know to be out there in my immediate virtual circle and we have a brand new facebook page and blog.  We have to rely on our virtual thread because we all live remote from each other but there lies the challenge.  We have to set up our own virtual table, complete with tea and cake, and gather round to share ideas and develop projects.  Soon our table will be filled with fabric, threads, buttons and measuring tapes as ideas are tested and begin to take shape.  A regular top up of tea and catch should reap the desired results as our collective find a little place for their online sales.  This is just one way to re-establish sewing back into our domain and I already love it.  With every stitch there will be a smile.

PicMonkey Collagecover

If you are a sewer or someone who is interested in starting sewing start following the blog and join the facebook page – you would be most welcome.  Our small group of sewers will be sharing lots of exciting projects that we hope will inspire others.  In time we will offer tutorials for those of you who want to make your first stitch.  Please share both the blog and the facebook page if you can.

Let the sewing commence!

Speak very soon.  xx





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